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Environmental Management System (EMS) is the application of the quality system to environmental issues. The mining and mineral processing industries have already been integrating to their overall management system specific concerns over environmental issues.

Rudplan has developed an expertise to provide technical assistance in the preparation and implementation of sound Environmental Management Systems (EMS) to the mining industry. Rudplan's team will assist the industry in laying out the basis of the EMS to ensure that all the relevant stages of the process (planning, implementation, maintenance and review) are included and that they can be related to international standards.


  • Initial environmental review (identification of applicable legislation and regulations, identification of environmental impacts, identification of existing practices and procedures, etc.);
  • Technical assistance in establishing policies and procedures related to the EMS;
  • Technical assistance in establishing management programs to achieve the organisation's environmental policy, objectives and targets;
  • Verification of existing EMS and determination of required modifications to bring the EMS to international standards.